Posted February 25, 2016

EnergyLite Area Lights Solve All Your Security Lighting Problems!

We talk a lot about retail and grocery lighting here at PSL. But today, we wanted to talk about our third brand that handles outdoor area and security lighting. A few months ago, we released our updated 2nd generation area light – SecureLite II.

Posted February 19, 2016

Dylan's Candy Bar Looks SWEET With Solais' VioLight

Dylan's Candy Bar is a fabulous chain of boutique candy shops and candy supplier with locations across the country. How did they decide to light all of their colorful product and amazingly detailed design? With Solais' exclusive VioLight trackheads, of course!

Posted February 12, 2016

For the LOVE of LED!

In honor of Valentine's day this weekend, we thought we'd give you something a little light-hearted! When you think about why you love LED lighting, you know you think of us at PowerSecure Lighting!

Posted January 28, 2016

LED Downlights Couldn't Be Any Easier

We are completely aware of all the downlight choices out there on the market. However, we've come up with a completely new way to look at them. Solais downlights are fully customizable, offer true aiming, adjustability and low maintenance with our exclusive X-Changeable modules.

Posted January 21, 2016

3 Reasons to Switch From CMH to LED

Many retailers and supermarkets are still not sure if updating their Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) fixtures is a good idea. Spoiler alert - IT IS!

Posted January 07, 2016

Tupinamba Cafe Renovation Photo-blog

Great food is to be expected from a restaurant that can withstand being open for over 65 years - but often enough, having a restaurant generations old, means having a decor generations old. Not at Tupinamba Cafe in Dallas, TX, though. Tupinamba hit it out of the park, and allowed Solais to help them shine through!

Posted December 17, 2015

Have You Seen Our New and Improved Area Light?

EnergyLite was the first to hit the market with LED Area Lighting and now, the first to upgrade with technology advances! Over 60K installed in the Cooperative's backyard since 2013.

Posted December 10, 2015

Eight Days of [LED] Lights

Last year we posted a blog introducing you to Lucas Emmett Dinapoli (LED) in celebration of Christmas. This year we thought, in honor of the eight days of Hannukah, we would present you with an LED product for each day of celebration!

Posted December 03, 2015

Throw-Back-Thursday! How is the life of an LED lamp determined?

With traditional lamp sources like halogen, fluorescent and metal halide, a selection of lamps (usually somewhere around 100 samples) are burned continuously at a given voltage and position. When 50% of these lamps have ceased to function, then this determines the lamp life for that particular lamp.

Posted November 13, 2015

EnergyLite LEDs Bring Savings and Security to Light for Lyon-Lincoln Electric Cooperative

SecureLite LED Area Lighting delivers a brighter, whiter and more-energy-efficient experience to the city of Russell, Minnesota

Posted November 06, 2015

The Smithsonian Makes Lighting Their Galleries an Art Form

"I always thought when we went to more energy-efficiency, it was going to suck, that I would have to reduce the quality of light," says Scott Rosenfeld the museum's lighting director. "What we found was that not only does it not reduce quality, but it provides a whole new level of choice that we didn't even know existed."

Posted October 28, 2015

Solais Partners with Benihana Corporation Lighting RA Sushi

We've been talking about Solais' lighting in retail a lot lately, but check out how we hold up in restaurants!

Posted October 16, 2015

design:retail Agrees - Under Armour's Brand House in Chicago Looks Amazing!

This month, design:retail featured Under Armour on their cover and highlighted them in a four-page spread!

Posted October 02, 2015

Back 40 Mercantile - A Contemporary Twist to a Traditional Concept

Just like they found a balance half way in their design, Back 40 seems to have met half way in their decided location for their store. Reminiscent of small town general stores, King and Bischoff opened up shop in Old Greenwich, Connecticut - PowerSecure Lighting's and Solais' neighboring town!

Posted September 25, 2015

Hey Retailers - Tax Break on Future Upgrades Have Been Made Permanent!

The House of Representatives' Ways and Means Committee passed two bills, just last week, which solidify the tax incentives for remodeling and capital improvements for retailers.

Posted September 17, 2015

Solais Helping to make Under Armour Store Details Better!

As Under Armour says - Ordinary is unnacceptable. Every detail makes you better. Solais lighting is helping to highlight every detail in the national retailer's store nationwide!

Posted September 03, 2015

CRI Is Not Necessarily the Proper Measure of Light

Everyone in the lighting industry knows CRI and they know it well. It is the go-to metric for quality of light. But, why? Let's disprove the metric and talk about if TM-30 will prove to light the way!

Posted August 27, 2015

Solais is Hangin' With the Millenials at Bunulu

PowerSecure Lighting has been working with one of the Florida's oldest retail chains to hit home with a younger crowd. Gearing the store towards millenials, 100-year-old Bealls has launched it's new brand - Bunulu.

Posted August 20, 2015

Chic Retailer Nasty Gal Turns to Solais for Chic Lighting!

From eBay to brick-and-mortar, the Nasty Gal brand of women's apparel has taken off like a freight train!

Posted August 12, 2015

LEDs are Making Food Out of This World!

Here is where it gets out of this world – LED light plant growth has even reached outer-space. Astronauts currently living on the International Space Station (ISS) are now able to grow their own food under LED lighting and actually eat it!

Two of our new product lines are now available to order!
The XC3, XC5 and XC7 modular cylinders come in a variety of finishes and mounting options. The WW asymmetrical track wall wash fixtures come in two sizes. Yoke mount versions are coming soon!