Humble Beginnings
Solais Lighting was founded in 2008 in Bridgeport, Connecticut with a small team of lighting professionals; three to be exact!
Stepping Up
  • Solais closes on Series A funding, utilizing the capital to expand staff, product and technology development, marketing, sales and brand-building initiatives.
  • Solais goes social and launches its social networking sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.


Making a Splash
  • Solais announced the launch of the industry’s highest-lumen LR38 PAR38 LED lamp replacement.

  • Solais began getting exposure in industry-leading publications like tED magazine, Architectural SSL, LEDs Magazine, The Boston Globe, Electronic House, Electrical News, PC Mag, Chain Store Age and LD+A.
  • Solais began to make a splash developing a notable client list, including the Smithsonian American Art Museum!
  • Solais Lighting Marketing Campaign was recognized as “Best of the Best” by tED Magazine
Broadening Horizons Beyond Lamps
  • Solais announces the introduction of its cutting-edge “LRP” and “LBR” families of Passively-Cooled LED Lamps – The industry’s first LED lamps to truly match both the aesthetics and performance of PAR and BR incandescent sources

  •  Solais launches its elite “X24 Series” of LED lamps and fixtures to include the XL24 lamp and Xi24 trackhead.

Going Public
  • Solais is acquired by PowerSecure International forging its path towards becoming part of a group by the name of PowerSecure Lighting (Solais, EfficientLights, EnergyLite, and I.E.S. Lighting)

  • Solais takes its show on the road, meeting with industry-leading professionals at LightFair 2013
  • This is the year Solais charts the path of expanding interior retail product offering, to include:
    • Track product retooling
    • The start of recessed multiple family development
    • Efforts into I.C. rated downlights
    • The shut down of our EfficientLights facility
Steps for Success
  • PowerSecure Lighting grows 5k sq. ft. facility to 22k sq. ft.
  • Recessed multiple family launched
  • Builds a marketing platform
    • New Website
    • Launching of print campaigns
    • Builds a tradeshow booth

  • Builds a sales force
  • EnergyLite production taken to Asia
  • EfficientLights products re-tooled and designed by Solais team, leading to big wins!
Solais Continues to Grow
  • Branding transition to PowerSecure Lighting complete
  • Xd trackhead product family launched with thermals and electronics greatly improved from the Xi family.

  • Xm module family based on Xd trackheads launched
  • New construction modular recessed downlight family launched.

  • VioLight™ launched

  • LR38 VNSP – 4° very narrow spot lamp launched

  • EnergyLite billboard and SecureLite light redesign
  • Three PowerSecure Lighting products cited for Innovation Awards at LIGHTFAIR International 2015

Ongoing Expansion and Improvements
  • PowerSecure was acquired by Southern Company

  • Consolidated engineering and inventory into Stamford, CT
  • Doubled size of Stamford, CT office to 42K sq. ft.
  • COB optic for Xd trackhead and Xm module families launched

  • Wall Wash fixture family launched.
  • Converted product lines from ETL to UL.
  • Moved final assembly and EnergyLite line to Stamford, CT office.
  • We begin development of exterior product lines while expanding engineering.
  • Rebrand of PowerSecure Lighting and the divisions within.

Making Moves!
  • EnergyLite exterior soft launch of HawkLite roadways fixture family.

  • Announced company move to Frisco, TX
  • Solais brand launched modular cylinder family
  • Solais brand launched pull-down recessed multiple family
  • Solais launched the first of many competitor retrofit families
Big Moves to Support our Future
  • Broke ground and fully executed the move of company to Frisco, TX.

  • EnergyLite fully launches HawkLite™ roadway lighting family.
  • EnergyLite launches GridLite site + area lighting product family.
  • EnergyLite launches BroadLite flood lighting product family.

  • Continue to design retrofit products for others, utilizing our current Xm family
Expanding Product and Presence
  • Hosted several training events for reps and clients.

  • Hosted a grand opening celebration in our new Frisco, TX location, featuring a state-of-the-art Showroom exhibiting both interior and exterior product lines.

  • Added a Knife Edge Cove system and flat panels to our expanding product line.
  • Launched a 0-10V dimming solution for our interior product family
  • Re-branded from PowerSecure Lighting to Solais Lighting Group; to include Solais and EnergyLite as out interior and exterior product brands.

COVID Can't Hold Us Back!
  • Solais officially launches Stretta, 3″ high-end architectural downlights.
  • Solais launches LUCIE™ – a new line of best-in-class, contemporary trackheads.
Still to come in 2020
  • EnergyLite to launch an addition of the GridLite product family, a Wall Pack fixture family.
  • Solais to launch an addition to the Stretta downlight product line, a shallow and fixed product family.
  • EnergyLite to launch the SecureLite3; Solais Lighting Group’s first product to be made 100% in the U.S.A.!