Frequently Asked Questions

No, Solais and EnergyLite brand products are lightweight and easy-to-handle!
Yes. All Solais Lighting Group products have been tested and certified. Check out each individual spec sheet for specific listings.
Solais brand lamps are ideal for any application that requires high light output, great color rendering and well-aimed directional light. With their light weight, small size and standard E26 screw base, Solais lamps are the perfect choice for any track or recessed lighting retrofit. Since they already entail fully designed optics, Solais lamps are not recommended for fixtures that utilize totally enclosed glass or lensed trims. Check out the product page or download the spec sheet for specific information
Yes, we can ship directly to the end user upon request.
If you are a distributer with no representative in your area, we would be happy to work with you directly
No. All Solais Lighting Group lamps and fixtures are free of lead and mercury and meet RoHS requirements.
The answer to this is product-specific. Check out the product page or download the spec sheet to know for sure!
Yes. The high-quality Lumileds, CREE, Citizen and Nichia LEDs have been tested according to LM80 standards.
No sorry, not currently. We accept checks ACH and wire transfer payments. Email us at [email protected] with any questions.
Solais Lighting Group lamps and fixtures begin with a design-in reliability methodology to minimize costly and unnecessary redesigns. The reliability is also tested in the final products to verify their success and integrity. This mixed reliability methodology ensures that the highest quality and highest performance is reached by all Solais Lighting Group Lighting Group lamp solutions and is made available at low consumer cost. For detailed information on our testing protocols, please contact us.