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Top 5 Museum Lighting Options

Museum spaces are valuable repositories of art and history. They are also carefully curated environments where the interplay of light and shadow can transform the way artifacts are perceived. Artful, intentional lighting in museums helps strike a delicate balance between aesthetics, preservation, and visitor experience. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the top five museum lighting options that cater to these critical considerations.

Considerations for Museum Lighting

Preservation of Artifacts and Artworks

Preserving the integrity of delicate artifacts and artworks is paramount in museum lighting design. Light, particularly the harmful UV and IR radiation, can cause fading, degradation, and discoloration of materials over time. Therefore, it’s essential to establish appropriate light levels for different materials, ensuring their longevity while on display.

Aesthetic Enhancement

Museum lighting is not just about protection; it’s also about presentation. Different lighting techniques can be employed to enhance the visual appeal of exhibits. These techniques include creating dramatic contrasts to highlight details and incorporating color temperature to set the mood and ambience of each display.

Visitor Experience

The impact of lighting on the visitor experience is substantial. Properly designed lighting can engage visitors, draw them into the narratives of the exhibits, and even evoke emotions tied to the artifacts. One goal is reducing glare and ensuring comfortable viewing conditions, making visitors feel more connected to the art and history on display by eliminating distractions.

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Downlights serve as the workhorses of museum lighting. They provide general illumination for the overall space, creating a welcoming and well-lit environment. The key to their effectiveness is the use of diffused light sources, which help distribute light evenly. Dimming options offer versatility in adjusting light levels to suit various exhibitions and atmospheres.

Accent Lighting

Spotlights are indispensable for directing focus onto specific artifacts. Museums often use spotlights, track lighting, and adjustable fixtures to highlight individual pieces. These lighting options are designed to minimize light spill, ensuring that neighboring exhibits remain unaffected while the spotlighted artwork takes center stage. The LR38-VNSP by Solais has the highest CBCP and narrowest beam spread on the market, which allows you to pinpoint light exactly where needed.

Wall Wash

Wall wash lighting is all about creating even illumination while limiting excessive light exposure. This technique reduces glare, making it easier for visitors to appreciate the texture and details of the artworks. Customization is the key with wall wash lighting, as different lenses can be used to achieve specific lighting effects and ambiances.

Museum lights featured image

Display Case Lighting  

Display cases often house delicate and valuable artifacts, and the lighting within these cases needs to be carefully tailored. Fiber-optic and LED lighting are popular choices for such applications. These options provide focused and adjustable lighting while preventing heat damage to the displayed objects.

Track Lighting

Track lighting offers flexibility in adjusting beam angles and is particularly useful for highlighting wall-mounted artworks and sculptures. It is compatible with different types of bulbs, making it a versatile choice for museum spaces. The Nano Lucie product, for example, can replace MR- 16 bulbs, offering energy-efficient options. The GAIA+ track system affords you ultimately flexibility, with its universal platform that’s a fit for any project.


Museum lighting is an ever-evolving field that combines science, artistry, and conservation. As technology advances, so do the possibilities for enhancing the visitor experience while preserving precious artifacts. Whether you’re looking to create a new museum lighting design or upgrade an existing one, it’s essential to consider the unique requirements of your space and exhibits.

At Solais, we specialize in providing cutting-edge museum lighting solutions that cater to both preservation and aesthetics. If you’re embarking on a museum lighting project, reach out to us for guidance and assistance. Together, we can create an unforgettable museum experience that truly illuminates art and history.