3-in Architectural Wall Wash Downlight

The Stretta 3-inch wall wash downlight offers the highest output from the smallest aperture. Stretta is an Italian phrase meaning “narrow” and “tight”, it refers to a musical composition performed with an acceleration in tempo to end in a crescendo. Solais created this light fixture with the perfect combination of features resulting in a sleek, minimalist downlight that makes a statement: elegance in simplicity.

  • Universal 4-inch height housing for all trim types
  • Forgiving rotating alignment tabs for perfect installation
  • Tool-less and intuitive “hot” aiming
  • 40° tilt and 360° rotation for optimal adjustability
  • Magnetic arm for tool-less module installation
  • Notched collars for easy, precise alignment during installation
  • Field-swappable modules
  • Enhanced 2-step MacAdams Ellipse color binning standard
  • New construction ceilings only
  • Tool-less driver assembly
Finish Options