EnergyLite Launches GridLite3 > Top-Tier Performance, Reliability, and Quality

EnergyLite, of Solais Lighting Group, launches GridLite3 (GL3), a leading-edge site and area luminaire. Designed with reliability, durability, and maintenance in mind, the GL3 provides top-tier performance the market demands – while delivering long service life, modularity, and a variety of mounting solutions for any application. As with all EnergyLite products, industry-leading optic distributions provide higher light utilization, yielding more light on the target plane with lower backlight and glare. The GL3 is constructed of a single-piece, 100% recycled, low-copper...

Solais Launches Scatto™ > Low-Voltage Track System

Solais, of Solais Lighting Group, introduces Scatto™, a low-voltage family where beautiful lighting design “clicks” into place! The 48 V system offers designers the ultimate variety of track installations alongside linear and trackhead luminaires for hospitality, retail and commercial markets. Building on the recent success of the contemporary LC Lucie trackhead family, a low-voltage version of the product line has been adapted for Scatto compatibility. In alignment, the Scatto Lucie consists of three sizes: Nano, with a 2" aperture and...

EnergyLite Launches SecureLite3 > Security You Can See

EnergyLite, of Solais Lighting Group, introduces the latest in dusk-to-dawn utility-grade luminaires – the SecureLite3™. Our third generation of outdoor area security lighting has been redesigned from the ground up to meet the high performance, long life, easy maintenance and value that the utility market demands. Building on almost a decade of success, this new model is a 50-250 W HID replacement as a 24-79 W fixture and achieves up to 170 lm/W across a range of high-performing lumen packages...

Frazier and Mirl Promoted While Bringing on Osbourn

Solais Lighting Group (SLG) is proud to announce the promotion of Scott Frazier to Senior Vice President of Commercial + National Sales. With over 7 years at Solais and 25 years of retail, architectural, design and lighting experience, Scott seamlessly integrates practical implementation and design sensitivity into all projects. Always with a team first attitude, Scott leads with Solais’ philosophy that great business associations start with great relationships. SLG is also proud to introduce their new Director of Hospitality Sales,...

Introducing Our New Website

Solais Lighting Group (SLG) was founded in 2008 in Bridgeport, Connecticut with a small team of lighting professionals…three to be exact! In the past 12 years, the company has expanded from a small product line of the market’s highest output LED lamps into a full-service LED lighting manufacturer – to include custom decorative fixtures! This journey led to outgrowing the original website structure. While SLG has decided to have similar but different sites for each brand, ( and, all...

Solais Launches LUCIE – New Trackhead Family

Solais Launches New Lucie Trackhead FamilyLucie > Graceful IlluminationSolais, of Solais Lighting Group, introduces the Lucie™ family of track and surface mount fixtures. Featuring unparalleled performance and a contemporary ventless design, Lucie declutters your ceiling – allowing the focus to remain on what matters in your space.

Scotty Hutto Receives The IES Presidential Award

Congratulations to one of our own, Scotty Hutto on receiving The Presidential IES Society Award! A prestigious accomplishment, this award is given at the discretion of the Society’s president. It is in recognition of outstanding efforts of individuals that have gone above and beyond with volunteerism during the President’s term. Scotty is the Vice President of Utility Smart Lighting of the EnergyLite brand at Solais Lighting Group. Scotty has been recognized for his significant work as 2019-2020 Street and Area...

Solais Launches New 3-Inch Architectural Downlighting Family

Stretta > Elegance in simplicity. Solais, now of Solais Lighting Group, introduces Stretta ST2, a family of specification-grade small aperture downlight fixtures offering a sleek, minimalist design that makes a statement.

PowerSecure Lighting Appoints Michael Rodriguez VP of Hospitality National Accounts

Rodriguez to Help Proactively Position the Company Within Growing Hospitality Sector

PowerSecure Lighting to Relocate Headquarters!

Company’s move from Connecticut to Texas in 2018 will deliver comprehensive benefits to clients, channel members and employees.