The Spotlight on VioLight

The Spotlight on VioLight

PowerSecure Lighting is excited, really excited, about our VioLight technology.  We’re so excited that we made a video to help illustrate what VioLight does. Colors are more vibrant and true while whites are crisp and bright.

We can all agree that most LED lighting products are an energy efficient way to light your stores. But, do we all agree that the color of your merchandise under LED lighting looks as good as under traditional lighting sources? For those that have been using LEDs in their stores over the years, you know that not all LED lighting products are created equally and merchandise does not look the same under all LED lighting. This is where PowerSecure’s Lighting brand, Solais, comes in. Solais has designed a new lighting technology that will enhance how color is experienced in your store: VioLight.

VioLight technology has been added to our product line of LED replacement lamps, LED trackheads and recessed multiples to produce beautiful light that will make your whites crisp and bright and colors bold and vibrant.

How does it work?

Imagine looking at the world through a lens that only shows you basic colors. Now imagine a lens using Solais’ VioLight technology that enables you to see a broader spectrum and depth of colors. VioLight enhances the visible colors in your merchandise, resulting in a full-color and natural representation of your products’ true-colors. White shirts are bright and crisp when using the Violight lamp and the colors on these products… rich and vivid colors that pop when they are under the Violight LED lamps.

Whether it’s for retail, restaurant or hospitality, the Solais LED lamps and trackheads with Violight are the ideal solutions when aesthetics and performance are key. Check out for the latest updates on Solais LEDs and our other divisions’ LED solutions.

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