When it comes to wall wash lighting, fluorescents aren’t the only game in town. Solais’ new WW24 2-ft. wall wash LED fixture generates high-performance, hidden-source, asymmetrical lighting distribution, with the lumen output and color rendering that only LEDs can provide.“In a time when designers are looking for more efficient and sophisticated lighting options, we are very proud to be expanding our product portfolio to include a fully dimmable wall wash fixture that provides a more efficacious and longer-lasting alternative to fluorescents,” says Sam Newberry, President of PowerSecure Lighting. “The WW24 introduces a range of design options into the realm of display wall lighting that does not currently exist with other products.”The WW24 consists of 54 small, individual LEDs concealed by a reflector that diffuses the light at asymmetric beam angles of 120 degrees by 80 degrees along the wall. The precisely designed, uneven distribution of light produces a wash that covers the wall evenly from top to bottom. This eliminates the glare and pixilation that are common with other LED products in the category. It is also more efficient, more cost-effective and longer-lasting than fluorescent fixtures used in the same way.The WW24 is ideal for lighting produce walls in supermarkets, book and display shelves in retail stores, display walls in fast-food and casual-dining establishments, and art displays in galleries. Designers will love incorporating the WW24 with Solais’ other advanced LED fixtures. Newberry explains, “The WW24 is a great complement to our existing line. This LED utilizes the same driver as do our other products, which means it will dim in the same way, providing establishments that feature multiple Solais fixtures with a uniform look.”The WW24 fixture can be ordered to various specifications, including 32-watt and 42-watt options, lumen outputs ranging from 2850 to 4000, correlated color temperatures (CCT) from 2500K to 4000K, and a color rendering index (CRI) of 80 or 90. It can be hung on track or by a pendant on a ceiling. It is fully dimmable and comes in standard housing colors of white, silver and black.