Residential Lighting Magazine Featured Solais’ LRP Series Lamps

Solais Lighting, LLC, the leading manufacturer of lightweight, specification-grade LED lamps, was featured in the August 2012 issue of Residential Lighting Magazine under the “Latest in LED” section for its new series of passively-cooled LED lamp technology.Residential Lighting Magazine is a leading publication for lighting products and news for home décor retailers and designers – featuring new products, residential applications and industry updates in its “Latest in LED” section, giving its readers a great summary of what new products to consider.Solais was referenced by Residential Lighting Magazine for its passively-cooled LED lamps, featuring OPTICS2 thermal management technology. It goes on to mention that Solais manufacturers LED lamps with an “advanced power supply design” and “offers LED lamps of up to 1,025 lumens with full dimming capability”.To read the Solais product feature,click here.