Lighting Solutions for Your Supermarket

Lighting Solutions for Your Supermarket

Lighting gets the raw end of the deal when it comes to successful supermarket design. In reality, it can make or break the atmosphere and, most important, decide how merchandise looks. Gone are the days of fixtures that provide only general lighting. Top-performing grocery stores utilize various layers of lighting to highlight displays, make merchandise “pop” and create unique spaces between the various departments – all while keeping a consistent look and feel around the store.

From the deli to the produce section and into the cold aisles of the freezer/refrigeration section, each aspect of lighting is important.

 Next time you’re in your grocery store, look around and ask yourself:

– How well can I see in this section?  
– Are all the shelves properly lit?
– Is the store too bright?
– Are there dark spots in the lighting?

Then think about how you react to the lighting:
– Does the lighting make the merchandise look appealing?
– Is the atmosphere in the store comfortable and inviting?
– Are the colors on the products true and vibrant?

With so many different sections to consider – aisles, produce, floral, beverage, deli, bakery, meat, freezer and refrigeration – it’s important to address each of the areas to ensure a consistent experience for clients.

Check out PowerSecure Lighting’s new Supermarket Lighting Solutions Guide to see how we tackle the various areas with our EfficientLights and Solais products. From the front produce displays to the back walk-in coolers, our lighting offers solutions that will make your supermarket stand out from the crowd! 

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