EnergyLite Area Lights Solve All Your Security Lighting Problems!

EnergyLite Area Lights Solve All Your Security Lighting Problems!

We talk a lot about retail and grocery lighting here at PSL. But today, we wanted to talk about our third brand that handles outdoor area and security lighting. A few months ago, we released our updated 2nd generation area light – SecureLite II. Here’s why you should be looking at EnergyLite’s product…

Almost all security lights utilize a traditional photocell to turn the unit off and on based on the amount of daylight.  A traditional photocell is typically a mechanical device (making it much less reliable) that switches the main AC voltage going into a light fixture thereby turning it on or off.  In a traditional lighting fixture, the photocell is also the first item to be impacted by any transient voltages or surges causing the photocell to be one of the weakest links in terms of maintenance and reliability.  Transients/Surges are one of the most common causes of failure in LED lighting for outdoor installation environments.

We have patent pending technology around how we address these very common issues.  To protect our fixture from the transient voltages and surges that are on the lines every day, we employ a patented -custom surge protection device that mitigates both common mode and differential mode transients even when the fixture does not have a dedicated earth ground.  This device exceeds all ANSI industry standards for protection.  This device protects everything down stream of the main AC coming into our fixture.

All of our LED drivers have built in microprocessors adding tremendous flexibility in terms of operation.  To control the light, we use a custom ambient light sensor to measure the amount of ambient light and then provide that measurement to the microprocessor in the LED Driver.  The integrated software will then compare that number to a look up table and determine whether it is day or night and turn the light on or off accordingly.  

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