Amy Heerema


Amy embarked on her journey in the lighting industry back in 1999 and since then, her skillset and contributions have illuminated the path of her successful career. In 2008, Amy’s brilliant work in retail design was recognized, with an International Illumination Design Award of Merit. Fast forward to 2011, her pioneering expertise in retail design was emphasized in a cover story for the LD&A magazine. Additionally, her innovative designs for numerous other retailers have found a spotlight in DDI magazine.

Sharing her insights with the next generation, Amy demonstrated her design expertise as an adjunct professor at Georgia State University, teaching lighting design within the Interiors Department. Her commitment to environmentally conscious design practices was complemented by her earning a LEED accreditation in 2008.

Her unrivaled expertise and deep passion for lighting design make her an exceptional addition to our Solais leadership team. We’re so excited to see how she will impact our future!

Amy Heerema - Specification Sales