The question comes up a lot. Are Solais lamps dimmable? The answer is yes!

Of course the next question is what dimmer works best with Solais LED lamps? This is where it gets a little more complicated. 

We designed our lamps to replace incandescent lights in the most painless way. This means that that old dimmer you\’ve been using on your incandescent lights for the last 50 years will work fairly well with Solais lamps. However, we are also aware that dimming technology has improved and changed over the last 50 years, so we also made our lamps compatible with the newer technology for incandescent lamps. 

A more technical answer:

Our lamps work best on forward phase control dimmers, designed for incandescent loads. This is also known as standard phase control. These are the less expensive dimmers. They are also the most commonly installed dimmers in existing conditions. Most competitor LED replacement lamps work better on reverse phase, but at Solais we took the extra step to make our lamps compatible with your existing dimming system and don’t want to force you to replace that which you have been using for so long.

You can find a list of dimmers tested by the manufacturers that work well with our lamps at https://www.solaislighting.com/dimming. However, there are so many dimming systems out there that we could only test our lamps on a selected few. If you have a dimming system that is not on the list, feel free to reach out to us with information about your dimmer and we’ll let you know what our experience has been on that particular dimmer and what our recommendations will be.

But a good rule of thumb, if it works on an incandescent lamp, it will work with a Solais lamp.


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