Posted April 25, 2016

LED Lighting in the Supermarket Segment

Grocery Headquarters interviewed our very own President, Sam Newberry, for a feature in this year's Equipment, Design and Operations (EDO) Handbook!

Posted April 07, 2016

Tupelo Honey Cafe's Lighting is More Than a Trend...

Tupelo Honey Cafe is killing it with over a dozen locations offering fresh, creative and re-imagined Southern food and drink. If you take a look around their restaurants, you can tell that they source their lighting design with as much thought as they source their food!

Posted March 09, 2015

Who is PowerSecure Lighting

PowerSecure Lighting (a division of PowerSecure International, NYSE: POWR, is the fastest-growing and most technologically-relevant LED product manufacturer in the United States. With a client list including the world's leading brands and a team composed of the industry's top talent, PowerSecure Lighting is a leader in the LED lighting space.

Posted January 21, 2015

PowerSecure Lighting - Our LED Products Aim to Please

PowerSecure Lighting's Blog Post on Aiming in Retail settings using Solais products.

Posted May 23, 2010

Solais Lighting - a different type of LED company!

We are an LED lamp manufacturing company that is revolutionizing the industry. I know, you have heard this before and are probably thinking we are just another group of people looking to make a quick buck on the latest craze in lighting, but you are wrong.

    Two of our new product lines are now available to order!
    The XC3, XC5 and XC7 modular cylinders come in a variety of finishes and mounting options. The WW asymmetrical track wall wash fixtures come in two sizes. Yoke mount versions are coming soon!
    You've been asking for a while now, and we've figured it out! Keep an eye out for 0-10 V dimming solutions with Solais' Downlight, Cylinders, and Recessed Multiple product lines. It will also be a viable solution with our Pull Down and Adjustable Recessed lines coming soon!
    We are working hard to give you what you need!
    Keep an eye out for even more new products coming soon: Solais Yoke Wall Wash fixtures, EfficientLights Aisle Lighters and a full family of Solais Pull Down fixtures. The Pull Down fixtures will come in a variety of modular and integral versions!