Introducing Our New Website

Introducing Our New Website

Solais Lighting Group (SLG) was founded in 2008 in Bridgeport, Connecticut with a small team of lighting professionals…three to be exact! In the past 12 years, the company has expanded from a small product line of the market’s highest output LED lamps into a full-service LED lighting manufacturer – to include custom decorative fixtures! This journey led to outgrowing the original website structure.

While SLG has decided to have similar but different sites for each brand, ( and, all EnergyLite products can easily be found on both sites for client convenience.

“The newly launched websites feature a more user-friendly interface, intuitive navigation, updated product descriptions, images, and details,” says Solais Marketing Director, Sona Bill. “We’ve implemented easier ways for reps, distributors, designers, and end-users alike – to find all the tools they need for their pressing projects.”

The website overhaul is a two-phase plan, where phase one was recently launched. The redesign and restructure are intended to vastly improve the user experience with forethought into different ways clients look at product. Phase two plans to include an ordering code and specification sheet generator implemented in early 2021.

About Solais Lighting Group | Solais + EnergyLite

Solais Lighting Group (SLG) is a fast-growing, technologically relevant, market-driven manufacturer. SLG pushes the innovation envelope to create LED products that replace traditional lighting technologies, with zero compromise to aesthetics and performance.

Nimble and diligent, with best-in-class engineering, SLG has grown its product families in line with market demands to include high-quality, spec-grade interior and exterior products - to include downlights, multiples, cylinders, and track and specialty fixtures, as well as site, flood, roadway and security fixtures.

SLG's products provide quality lighting for its commercial, retail, hospitality, supermarket, museum and utility clients, which include the world's leading brands.

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