Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Most Solais Lighting Group products are covered by a 5-year/25,000-hour limited warranty. For product-specific information, check out the product page or download the spec sheet
Yes, we can ship directly to the end user upon request.
Solais Lighting Group will evaluate custom orders on a case-by-case basis. All inquiries regarding product customization should be submitted to Solais through your regional sales representative.
You can get a quote by emailing us at [email protected].
If there is no representative in your area, we would be happy to set you up as a vendor. Email us at [email protected] to fill out the paperwork that will get you on your way
If you are interested in a sample of Solais Lighting Group product, please contact your local representative. They are organized by state at solais.com/contact.php . If there is no rep yet listed for your area, you can email the sales team directly from the contact page or call customer service for help.
At Solais Lighting Group Lighting Group, we pride ourselves on transparency and education. We provide all product information, in full and up front, so that our customers know exactly what they are getting. This includes LM-79 reports and spec sheets in addition to industry white papers, continuing education seminars, up-to-date lamp comparisons and an industry blog to help enable people to make their own informed decisions regarding LED products. With the information we provide, we trust that people will make educated decisions and understand for themselves why our products truly are the best on the market
Solais lamps use a standard E26 screw base and can be used in any 120-volt socket that works with conventional incandescent lamps.
Solais Lighting Group has developed its products over an extended period. This has allowed us to fully research and test numerous options for every single component involved in our system, including their availability. As a result, we have built strong relationships with numerous suppliers and have gained the trust of one of the world's largest lighting manufacturers to assemble our lamps. This means that we do not need to fight with other manufacturers over limited supply items, allowing us to stock our product more readily than others.  
The color consistency between Solais Lighting Group products stems from our in-depth multi-reel LED selection process. We use a precise formula to take advantage of CREE and Lumileds' tremendous binning precision, which is 16x greater than ANSI standards. This enables us to determine the correct combination of die from adjacent bins to produce the desired CCT in every lamp.