Posted on September 10, 2015

Our Xd30 Delivers Unprecedented Degree of Versatility to the Market

Solais Lighting, Inc., a manufacturer of specification-grade LED fixtures and lamps and a division of PowerSecure International (NYSE: POWR), proudly introduces its new Xd30 PAR30 LED trackhead. The fixture is compact and powerful, delivering unprecedented versatility to the market’s broad range of retail, hospitality and commercial users.

With its low-profile, 3.75-inch aperture, the 3500-lumen Xd30 is among the smallest trackheads on the market to deliver over 3000 lumens. Unlike competitive products that rely on an external power supply, the Xd30 contains an integrated power supply located within the trackhead. An additional on-board accessory holder seamlessly stores any of Solais’ range of field-replaceable lenses, louvers or snoots, providing enhanced design, ease and versatility to lighting professionals and end users.


Part of Solais’ innovative new ‘Xd’ family, the Xd30 LED fixture features exclusive Luxiance® active-cooling technology to support superior life, light output and performance. It also features Thermal Throttle, an automatic dimming feature designed to protect the fixture in the event of overheating. Furthermore, the Xd30 optionally can feature Solais’ exclusive VioLight™ color-enhancing technology, which delivers unparalleled color vibrancy – from richer black hues to whiter whites and every color in between – truly making merchandise pop.

Solais’ sleek and architectural 3000K, 44-watt Xd30 further offers long life and is available in 15°, 25° and 40° beam angles to support the market’s broad range of retail, hospitality, and commercial applications where outstanding lumen output, high color rendering, strong center beam candlepower, and maximum quality and performance are paramount.

“With our powerful new Xd30, Solais is thrilled to be able to offer one of the lowest-profile yet highest-lumen LED trackhead solutions in the industry,” said Sam Newberry, President of PowerSecure Lighting. “The Xd30 delivers an unprecedented new degree of design versatility and installation ease to lighting professionals and end users and is ideal for the demanding requirements of today’s most discerning retail applications.”

About Solais Lighting Group: Solais + EnergyLite design and manufacture the lighting industry's highest-performing LED lamps and fixtures. With superior lumen output, center-beam candlepower, and overall aesthetics and performance, Solais Lighting Groupís LED products enhance the retail, supermarket, commercial, museum, hospitality and utility environments of the world's leading brands. Solais Lighting Group relentlessly pushes the innovation envelope to create products that replace traditional lighting technologies with zero compromise to aesthetics and performance.

Two of our new product lines are now available to order!
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