Posted on March 16, 2016

Nike Found Their Greatness With Solais, Your Turn!

PowerSecure Lighting's Solais brand has been working with one of the world's most recognizable brands in retail. Through their strategic sourcing initiatives, Nike has begun to work on reducing their footprint and lessen their impact. They have been committed to increasing the purchase of sustainable products.

That's where Solais came in! As Nike's choice in LED lighting, we've assisted in their mission to use less energy while keeping their stores to lookgreat with our Xd24 and Xi24 Trackheads. 

With amazing store design, Nike really allows their products to shine through with real vibrancy.

Though we are working on several stores with them, the photos in this blog are of the Seattle, WA location. Keep an eye out for more photoblogs of other Nike locations!

If you are still thinking about the switch to LED, reach out to us and in the words of Nike, "Just do it!"

About Solais Lighting Group: Solais + EnergyLite design and manufacture the lighting industry's highest-performing LED lamps and fixtures. With superior lumen output, center-beam candlepower, and overall aesthetics and performance, Solais Lighting Groupís LED products enhance the retail, supermarket, commercial, museum, hospitality and utility environments of the world's leading brands. Solais Lighting Group relentlessly pushes the innovation envelope to create products that replace traditional lighting technologies with zero compromise to aesthetics and performance. To learn more about Solais Lighting Group, visit us in person in Frisco, Texas, or online at

Two of our new product lines are now available to order!
The XC3, XC5 and XC7 modular cylinders come in a variety of finishes and mounting options. The WW asymmetrical track wall wash fixtures come in two sizes. Yoke mount versions are coming soon!