Posted on January 21, 2016

3 Reasons to Switch From CMH to LED

Many retailers and supermarket owners are still not sure if updating their Ceramic Metal Halide (CMH) fixtures is a good idea. Spoiler alert - IT IS!


We warranty our LED fixtures 50,000 hours. CMH fixtures, on the other hand, are warranted to only half that. With an average of 18 hours of operation per day, for LED products, that is a warranty of a little over 7.5 years versus only about 3.75 years for CMH products. 


If the life of LED products isn't enough of a reason to switch, let's talk about how many hours you actually are getting what you paid for! There is a lumen output drop in CMH fixtures within their first 2000 hours. Color shift also becomes noticeable within the first half of the life expectancy. You don't have that problem with LEDs. With the advancement of LED technology over the years, you have consistent and reliable quality of light for the life of the fixture. So, is that 3.75 year expectancy for CMH a true 3.75 years? Nope, it's really more like a little under 2 years...


The kicker! LEDs save an incredible amount of energy. Not only does that benefit financials, but it makes a great impact on the environment. Switching from a 70W CMH (77W with ballast) to a 28W LED fixture produces a whopping 64.56% energy savings. We've done some math and research for you. Check out the analysis of what impact that really has on the environment!

70w CMH vs 28w LED Carbon Impact


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