Posted on February 05, 2013

Don't get caught in the dark... at a global event like the Super Bowl!

Compact fluorescent often has a warm up time. While it may immediately come on at a decent level, it does take up to 10 minutes to come to full brightness. Luckily if you turn it off and on again, it does light right back up.

Metal Halide is a different story.

A metal halide can also take up to ten minutes to get to full brightness, but initially it only comes on at a minimal level. During this warm up time, it can flash, turn red, green, blue or any combination thereof. Even worse, a metal halide light source does not restrike hot. This means, if you turn off a metal halide, it can take 15 minutes or more before it will even begin to light up. This means 25 minutes or more before the light will reach full brightness.

None of this applies to LED lights. When you turn on a Solais LED replacement lamp or fixture, it immediately comes to full brightness. If you turn it off and immediately on again, it instantly comes on at full brightness.†

No warm up time.†

No cool down time.

No game being held up once power is restored. ††

About Solais Lighting Group: Solais + EnergyLite design and manufacture the lighting industry's highest-performing LED lamps and fixtures. With superior lumen output, center-beam candlepower, and overall aesthetics and performance, Solais Lighting Groupís LED products enhance the retail, supermarket, commercial, museum, hospitality and utility environments of the world's leading brands. Solais Lighting Group relentlessly pushes the innovation envelope to create products that replace traditional lighting technologies with zero compromise to aesthetics and performance. To learn more about Solais Lighting Group, visit us in person in Frisco, Texas, or online at

Two of our new product lines are now available to order!
The XC3, XC5 and XC7 modular cylinders come in a variety of finishes and mounting options. The WW asymmetrical track wall wash fixtures come in two sizes. Yoke mount versions are coming soon!