Posted on July 10, 2012


Glare is defined as a visual sensation caused by excessive and uncontrolled brightness. It is subjective and sensitivity to glare can vary widely.

One form of glare is disability glare, which is the reduction in visibility caused by intense light sources in the field of view. This is the most common form of glare associated with accent lighting. An everyday example of this occurs when you walk into a museum or retail environment and the first thing you want to do is shield your eyes so you can see. Properly aiming and adjusting the lighting can greatly assist in reducing this type of glare.

Other types of glare occur with LED replacement lamps, which require the LEDs to be placed at the front of the lamp due to the necessity of cooling to occupy the majority of the lamp rear. This placement of LEDs allows viewing of the brightness from almost 90 from the focus of the beam of light. While not as intense as disability glare, it can be an annoyance and draw attention to the accent lighting, distracting from the intended focus of the room. No matter how well lighting is aimed and adjusted, this type of glare cannot be avoided with LED replacement lamps.

Except with Solais replacement lamps!

Introducing Solais Lighting's patent pending Invisabulb technology. Solais is the only LED replacement lamp with the option for integral cross baffles or snoots. These not only help reduce disability glare, but also eliminate the annoyance glare associated with the placement of LEDs within the lamp. If an integral cross baffle or snoot on a lamp is not your "cup of tea" then Solais has another solution. Solais Lighting's new passively-cooled lamps utilize a recessed optics within the reflector, creating a natural light cut-off exactly like a halogen PAR lamp. This recessed optics eliminates the annoyance glare associated with other passively-cooled LED PAR lamps which place the LEDs at the front of the lamp.

Both of these Solais Lighting options allow the focus to be on the merchandise or artwork, instead of the ceiling lighting.

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