Posted on April 23, 2012

Time to think Outside the Bulb

As LEDs have continued to improve in efficacy, Solais has continued to improve our Lumen output and Center Beam Candle Power (CBCP) of all our actively-cooled lamps. Even our lowest output actively-cooled lamps can outperform standard halogen lamps in several different wattages. Our 1450 lumen PAR30LN has an equivalent the mean CBCP to a 39-watt PAR30 Ceramic Metal Halide lamp at 2000 hours. But I am not telling you something you don't already know (or maybe I am).

At Solais, we have been looking into alternative solutions utilizing our lamps. 

Can a Solais lamp not only replace a 50-watt halogen PAR30 lamp in a retail environment on a one-to-one basis, but also reduce its presence within the store? 

Yes it can! Our 12-watt LR20 lamp will not only replace the halogen lamp one-for-one, but it will also increase the average foot-candles in the store from 43 to 50 in a smaller diameter lamp and use 76% less energy. And Solais has the only LED lamp which can integrate a snoot into the lamp itself, further reducing the light source presence on the ceiling without impacting the performance. 

Can a Solais lamp replace a 150-watt A21 recessed downlight in a 15-foot high ceiling in an elevator lobby? 

Yes it can! Our 16-watt LR30 at 1125 lumens will replace the A21 lamp in the recessed downlight without missing a beat. Not only will the active cooling allow our lamp to function to full brightness and lamp life, it will increase the average foot-candles in the lobby from 24 to 29 and use 89% less energy. As if that isn't enough, it will also provide more even coverage to the perimeter of the room.

Can a Solais lamp not only replace a 60-watt PAR38 25° halogen trackhead in a Salon, but reduce the quantity while maintaining the average light levels and minimizing presence. 

Yes it can! Our 21-watt LR30LN at 1450 lumens and 40° can replace the original 117 halogen trackheads with 64 Solais lamped trackheads. This will actually increase the average footcandles from 31 to 35. Not only will the smaller diameter lamp reduce the presence of the lighting on the ceiling, but Solais has the only LED lamp which can integrate a cross-baffle into the lamp itself further reducing the light source presence on the ceiling without impacting performance.

These are only a few examples of some of our "Outside-the-Bulb" thinking. Check out our new "Outside-the-Bulb" section on our website 
for more examples and further information on the ones above. Revisit the "Outside-the-Bulb" often as new examples will appear on a regular basis.  

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