Posted on February 14, 2020

Love is in the air, time to fall for Stretta 💕

We have been teasing you with glimpses of this for a while now...Today, it is official, we proudly introduce Stretta ST2, our 3" Architectural Downlight.

Stretta is an Italian phrase for "control", "narrow" and "tight". It refers to a musical composition performed with an acceleration in tempo to produce a crescendo. That is exactly what the Stretta ST2 delivers: elevation of elegance and quality with all your favorite features of a downlight into one sleek, minimalistic fixture that makes a statement.

This 3-inch architectural downlight virtually vanishes into the ceiling with a 1.75 aperture. A specifier’s dream, Stretta has a universal housing for all trim types. A plug and play module and, magnetic tool-less module and trim installation. Some other features include a 40-degree tilt and, 360-degree rotation for optimal adjustability.

The research and development that went into the creation of Stretta was extensive. Much energy was put into finding the perfect materials, module and heat sink designs as well as trims finishes and parameters. Not to mention exhaustive thermal testing to create the best product for you.

Our proprietary custom extruded aluminum 3-inch module with a TIR optic and a twist and lock optic holder features a 2-step MacAdams Ellipse color binning standard. With more combinations than you can count, Stretta is a solution to use in every project.

Trims + Collars:

  • Magnetic trims + collars
  • Trims can hold an accessory lens;
  • Round and square;
    • Flanged or Flangeless
      • Beveled
      • Flat pinhole
      • Adjustable
      • Lensed wall wash


80+ | 90+ | 97+ CR

  • 13 W | 900 lumens
  • 15 W | 1200 lumens
  • 19 W | 1400 lumens
  • 25 W | 2000 lumens

Beam Spreads:

  • VNSP | 8°
  • NSP | 14°
  • SP | 19°
  • NFL | 24°
  • FL | 35°
  • WFL | 50°

Color Temperatures:

  • Dim to Warm | 2700K to 1800K
  • Tunable White | 2700K to 4000K or 3000K to 5000K

Ratings + Certifications:           

  • IC rated
  • Spray foam
  • Chicago plenum
  • Title 24 and JA8 compliant
  • Airtight as per ASTM E283
  • Conforms to Washington State Energy Code          
  • Contains no lead or mercury
  • UL listed for dry, damp, wet location ratings

A great fit for several market segments!

About Solais Lighting Group: Solais + EnergyLite design and manufacture the lighting industry's highest-performing LED lamps and fixtures. With superior lumen output, center-beam candlepower, and overall aesthetics and performance, Solais Lighting Groupís LED products enhance the retail, supermarket, commercial, museum, hospitality and utility environments of the world's leading brands. Solais Lighting Group relentlessly pushes the innovation envelope to create products that replace traditional lighting technologies with zero compromise to aesthetics and performance.

Two of our new product lines are now available to order!
The XC3, XC5 and XC7 modular cylinders come in a variety of finishes and mounting options. The WW asymmetrical track wall wash fixtures come in two sizes. Yoke mount versions are coming soon!