Posted on February 07, 2020

Fun Facts on LED Lighting!

Today us here at Solais Lighting Group would like to entertain you with 5 fun facts about LED lighting!


LEDs are much more efficacious!

An incandescent lamp is anywhere from 5 to 15 lumens per watt, while today's LED lamps are 70 to 100 lumens per watt.


How honest are your eyes?

Most white LEDs are actually blue LEDs with special phosphor coatings which convert the narrow band (blue) light to a wider band light that humans perceive as white.


LEDs first time...

Professors Isamu Akasaki, Hiroshi Amano and Shuji Nakamura made the first blue LEDs in the early 1990s.


It contains little UV content.

The reason regular lighting attracts so many insects is that it contains a good amount of UV content, as for LED they contain very little UV content leaving the insects uninterested in its illumination.


Horticulture at its finest

Deep blue and hyper red LEDs make the light for photosynthesis, while far-red controlled the plant germination to vegetative growth and flowering.

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