Posted on February 3, 2014

Car Showroom With 20-Foot Ceilings


Replace 88-watt ceramic metal halide (CMH) fixtures with an LED solution that lowers energy consumption, reduces maintenance costs, increases light levels on vehicles, lowers ambient light levels, allows for dimming capabilities and minimizes re-strike time when turning on the fixtures.

The Solais Xi24 fixture, delivering 1600 lumens at only 24 watts - while a typical fixture is only 70% to 80% efficient, the Solais Xi24 fixture allows for 100% of the light to be utilized. The Solais Xi24 also requires no re-strike time and is fully dimmable. This leads to a true 1:1 replacement with lighting quality improvements.

By using the LED solution from Solais, the dealership was able to increase the light levels on featured cars from 78 to 100 foot-candles, while reducing the energy usage by more than 72%. 

The existing CMH fixture was only 70% to 80% efficient in emitting the light from the fixture. This resulted in only 4400 of the total 6600 lamp lumens actually exiting the fixture.

The Solais Xi24 fixture allows the showroom to increase the light levels on featured vehicles, while using only 1600 lumens. This can be seen in the brighter colors in the "after" rendering.

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Our Clients

  • “I knew immediately that it was what I’d been looking for. We loved the crisp, clear way that VioLight [fixtures] lit the space, produced a sharper visual and made our product pop."

    Amanda Ceja - Fossil, Procurement Manager, Store Design & Development

  • "The color rendering index of the lighting was very important to the MOST team and the Solais lamps delivered an outstanding light level and color quality."

    Larry Leatherman - Museum of Science & Technology, President

  • “We’re very pleased with the Solais product and can’t believe how different it looks against our previous lighting, especially the color rendition. It really performs ahead of our expectations."

    Glenn Trunley - TUMI, Senior Director of Global Store Design

  • "Based on their quality, performance, efficiency, long life, and ability to reduce our maintenance costs, we feel really good about upgrading with Solais’ LED technology.”

    Andrew Lindley - Maxstudio, Head of Design, Construction, and Maintenance

  • "We loved the color options that were available in the Solais line as well as the flexibility of these fixtures, an important feature to us as we continually move merchandise around to highlight different colors and products."

    Kevin Nolen - NastyGal, Director of Retail Development


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